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Pioneer Fun!

This week was full of good ol’ pioneer fun!  We learned a lot about pioneers- how they left their homes and traveled to new places without cars and planes as well as no TV, I-pads, computers, etc. Among all that can be taught, history and heritage are so important to remember.  It’s never too young to instill in children an interest in history and those who’ve come before.
We learned pioneer songs and danced to fiddlin’ music like the pioneers would have!  We also had fun doing a little science experiment: making butter out of cream!  Some of the children didn’t think it would work, but all were excited to see how, as we shook and shook the jar, it changed into butter!  It was a delicious snack on wheat bread that day!

 We enjoyed playing games that the pioneers would’ve enjoyed  too like “Button, button, who’s got the button” and “Hop, Skip, Jump.” 
As part of learning the letter “W” this week, we got to grind wheat and see that it became flour!  We practiced our counting as we took turns and got to use our fresh flour and buttermilk from our butter to make the yummiest “Pioneer Pancakes” ever!

 We practiced writing our letter “Q” with Q-tips in salt!
 And then made our own quilts like the pioneers made! 
And even played “I Spy” with our “I Spy Quilt”!  These kids were really great at this game!  “I Spy” is a great game to practice colors, letters, shapes, and taking turns! 
Last, but definitely not least…we had another special visitor this week!  Suzy Safari was a terrific addition to our class!  We loved hearing her stories and poems!   She is so dynamic and expressive!
 In conjunction with “W” and “Q,” we also learned the number “1” this week.  Be sure to continue reviewing all the things your children have learned so far!  They are so bright and sweet! 
We’re looking forward to Transportation Week complete with a tour of the Fire Department!  Hurray!  The kids are so excited!

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