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Pioneer Children!

The week of Pioneer Day, we learned about pioneers and what their life was like as they crossed the country in their covered wagons.
The kids enjoyed making their own covered wagons for project that week.
 We danced like the pioneers often danced for entertainment out on the plains.
 The highlight of the week was definitely dressing up as pioneers!  They were darling!

The kids worked together to load up our pretend covered wagon with sleeping bags, cooking pots, dishes, and food for our journey!
 And then we set off across the wild west keeping our eyes out for buffalo and other interesting sights!
 Once we had arrived at our stopping point for the day, we built a fire, cooked dinner and danced around the fire!
After our dinner, we slept under the stars and rested from a long day of traveling! 

Imaginary play is a very important part of preschoolers’ development both cognitively and socially.  Pretend play fosters creativity and flexibility later in life as well.  Here is a great article on the need for pretend play and how it benefits young children:
Enjoy your sweet children as they learn and grow!

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