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Native American Indians

As part of learning about Thanksgiving this month, Native American Indians was our theme this week.  We read stories and legends about the Indians and used these mini-figurines to help learn about the Indians’ way of life back when the Pilgrims came to America.  We learned about their clothes, how and what they hunted, and how they used fire, to name a few.  
We made an “Indian Necklace” this week where the kids got to practice their threading skills.  
They really liked creating their own piece of jewelry.  This activity helps strengthen their fine-motor skills as they carefully thread on each bead or noodle.  We pretended the noodles were animal teeth or bones.  They all did such a great job!  

 This week we also enjoyed making Indian Vests!  The children learned that the Native American Indians used animal skin to make their clothing and blankets, and to wrap around their tepees.  We talked about how Indians did not use our alphabet to record stories.  Instead, they used pictures and symbols.  The children glued on many of these symbols and colored and decorated their own Indian  Vest!  

To review the letters we’ve been working on this school year, the children played an alphabet bingo game.  Alphabet games, like ABC Bingo, are great to help make learning fun at home or at school!
What a fantastic visit from Mother Goose this week!  She always brings Goosey and her eggs along!  This week, Mother Goose taught the children some nursery rhymes about family.  I love seeing the children’s faces as Mother Goose shares with them!  They are delightful!

I just had to add this cute picture.  These kids were enjoying a little matching game with dominoes during centers.  It’s fun to see how they play so well together and are such good little friends.  

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