Lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

What a LUCKY week we had celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!  A little leprechaun left these golden treats for our little preschoolers to enjoy!  Holiday *magic* is so exciting!

This week we learned about Saint Patrick and that he used the clover or shamrock to teach the people in Ireland a long time ago.  We had fun stamping green 3-leaf-clovers and carefully painting their stems.  The kids really enjoyed this project and did a terrific job!


 These “lucky” necklaces were a fun way to work on patterns.  The older kids made patterns and strung them onto their string.  They are really solidifying the concept of patterns!  Many of them chose to use 3-4 colors in their patterns.  They also practiced writing their names on their lucky shamrock. 


 Mother Goose came again this week!  She brought a basket full of eggs filled with songs, rhymes, and finger plays.  As well as a bag of books to share with the children!  We are SO grateful to have such a dynamic story time lady at Treasure Tree!

I love seeing all these kids making the letter of the week with their arms and fingers!
 We also brought out the xylophones to play since we were learning about the letter “X”. 
 I also love seeing these children enjoying the Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle books we’ve been learning about earlier this month.

Carefully balancing little domino bears during centers!  Notice the artists in the background drawing on the whiteboard and the little reader enjoying a book!  Centers is a wonderful time to read or play individually or with friends! 
 As many of the preschoolers are getting ready for kindergarten, some of them have been interested in learning to tie their shoes.  This is a skill that requires patience, diligence, and lots of practice.  It is also very gratifying once it is mastered! : )