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Treasuring moments of growth!

Learning about Plants!

 During the month of May, we learned all about seeds, plants, and flowers!   Here the children are putting the pieces of the sequencing puzzle of the life cycle of a plant in order.  Then, they all got to cut out and glue their own life cycle!
 It was fun to review the life cycle of a plant using our bodies!  We crouched down on the ground like little seeds waiting for the sun to warm the ground and the water to help us grow, then we slowly grew up taller and taller into a beautiful flower!
  For one of our projects, we played a science and math game where the kids took turns rolling the dice to see which part of the flower they got to add to their individual flower.  This was a great way to review the parts of a flower as well as number recognition!
    We were all SO excited to see that all 5 of our butterflies successfully emerged from their chrysalises!  It was amazing to see the kids’ excitement and wonder as they observed these new butterflies!
Since the kids didn’t get to see the butterflies as they came out of their chrysalises, we got to watch as one emerged on a NOVA special!
 And it was very special to be able to let one butterfly go with each class!  Most of them just flew away quickly, but this one hung out for a while so we got to see it up close and personal!  Amazing!
 We enjoyed having Mother Goose come for her last visit before the school year was over!  She has been such a magical part of our preschool, bring Goosie and her eggs, and stories and rhymes!  Thank you Mother Goose!
 Our Pre-K kids worked on learning their phone numbers!  They cut out each number and glued them in order of their parents’ phone number.  We also had them practice “dialing” their phone number on a pretend touch phone.  It is important for children this age to memorize their phone number in case of emergency.  They did a really great job!  Be sure to keep working on this at home so it stays fresh in their minds!
Some pictures of what we’ve been doing at centers and out at recess!

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