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Treasuring moments of growth!

January- “My Body”

In January, our theme was “My Body.”  The children learned all about their bodies and the amazing things they can do!  This class really enjoyed seeing how the many important organs fit together inside our bodies.

We traced each child’s body and then they drew their face and colored in their body.  This is always an exciting project!  They love seeing just how big they really are!

Another body activity we did had to do with a few parts of the body we are all very familiar with: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!  Each child colored a little body picture and practiced cutting along the lines to make a few flaps so they could see the body part and lift the flap to see the name of that body part.

We spent a week in January learning about our 5 senses.  Mr. Potato Head came as a special visitor and the children loved helping him get all the parts of his body back on that he would need to use his 5 senses.  We also learned a little song about our senses: (sung to BINGO)
We use 5 senses every day
to help us learn and play:
See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste
See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste
See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste
We use these every day!

Playing a senses sorting game for our small group project.  They caught on rather quickly which senses we use for each item.
And, of course, we had to try out some of our senses!  We felt various objects and described their texture, we listened to different sounds, and we tasted at snack time! To taste sour, we gave each child a little piece of a lemon.  A few liked the lemons, but most puckered their lips as they bravely tried it!

As part of our Body unit, we also spent a week learning about our teeth and how best to take care of them.  We played a game in which the children chose a food item and then had to decide if it was a healthy food that makes our teeth happy or a sugary food that makes our teeth sad.  This was interesting for the children to try to distinguish between tasting yummy and being good for our teeth, but after a bit, they really caught on!

To help the children learn how many teeth they have, they got to make a big mouth and glue on marshmallow teeth- 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom!  Picking up small items and gluing them onto something helps strengthen fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
One of the weeks, we learned about staying healthy and what to do to keep our bodies strong.  We learned about eating healthy food so our bodies can get the nutrients they need.  The children really enjoyed finding foods from grocery store ads to cut out and place on their food groups plate.  They did a wonderful job!

Healthy snacks are an important part of our preschool each day!
In this activity, the kids pulled items out of a bag and sorted them.  We sorted into 2 categories: food to help our bodies be healthy and exercise activities to stay healthy.
One of the letters we worked on this month was “O.”  I love this picture of this class showing the many ways they could use their body to make the letter “O”!

We also learned the letter “U” in January.  The children cut out and glued on the capital and lowercase letters all over their Umbrella page.

The Pre-Kindergarten children have been working on writing their names each day at preschool.  We are focusing on the first letter being capitalized and the other letters lowercase.  They are making great progress as they are preparing for kindergarten!

Reading and enjoying books are a big part of our preschool.  I love seeing the joy children get out of books as they look at them individually as well as in little groups!

A few pictures from centers that capture some of the darling preschoolers we love teaching and seeing how they learn and grow as they play together!

Helping our children have healthy, strong minds and bodies is a part of what we strive to do each day at Treasure Tree Academy!

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