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Indian week!

This month we are learning about Thanksgiving with each week having a related theme.  This week we learned about Indians.

The kids really enjoyed making Indian necklaces.  Stringing beads is a fun way for them to strengthen their fine motor skills.  

 After learning about how the Indians used animal skins for clothing and learning about the way they drew pictures to tell stories and communicate things, we incorporated those things and made our own Indian vests!

 The kids were free to decorate their vest however they wanted.  We had little symbols for the kids to glue on their vests.  Some of our students are really great artists and enjoyed drawing their own Indian symbols.

  It was really fun for them to dance and sing in their new Indian vests!  We learned the song “10 Little Indians” this week too.

 Since the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to grow different crops including corn, we learned a little bit about corn too!  The kids got to touch and compare 3 different kinds of corn: feed corn, sweet corn, and popcorn.

 Learning about corn was a great opportunity to have popcorn for snack!

 We always begin our preschool classes with centers.  This is a great way for the children to be able to socialize with their friends, explore patterns and new ways of doing things, and to have fun together!

 It was review week for our Pre-K classes!  All week we reviewed the letters we’ve learned so far and played memory match to reinforce the capital and lowercase letters!

What smart little children!  I love teaching these darling kids and seeing them learn and grow!

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