I Belong in My Family!

To continue our theme of “I Belong,” we spent a week talking about families!  We learned that families differ in so many ways from how many children are in the family to where we live with our family, just to name a couple.  Even though families are different, we feel love for our own family and feel the love they have for us!

The kids really enjoyed making their own family out of craft sticks!  I loved hearing what the children said their families were doing in their pictures!  Family time is so important for these sweet little ones!

We also sang a song about happily helping our family.  These kids loved acting out various ways they can help members of their family.

We played family in groups and acted out being different people in the family.  Role playing and pretend play are important for children’s development.

As a class, we matched family words with pictures of people in a family.  Exposure to literacy and written words is helpful for children learning to read.  Activities like this one aid in building children’s confidence as they “read” the words together.

For our project, we also played matching games with our family words and picture cards!

Once a month, our preschool gets a special visit from Mother Goose and Goosey!  This visit, she shared many nursery rhymes with the children!  We all love when Mother Goose comes our way!

We also started our Lending Library!  These kids have been so excited to check out books!  I love seeing which books they choose and having them practice writing their name as they check out the book.