Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you each had a lovely Thanksgiving!  The children each made a couple of turkey feathers and put what they are thankful for.  Then, each class made a Thankful Turkey to display!  Here are a few of the finished works!
As we learned about Thanksgiving, we made cornucopias which we talked about are a symbol of a good harvest and many blessings.  The children practiced cutting out the fruit and vegetable shapes.  Their cutting skills are coming along!  Even the 3-year-olds did a little cutting!

They also glued and colored as they put their own cornucopias together.

For snack, the kids got to eat a creative version of a cornucopia filled with popcorn and almonds (things similar to what the pilgrims and Indians ate).
Playing together during centers!  I love seeing how creative the children are as they play individually and with their classmates.  Check out the animals all fed and cared for, the little mother reading to her child, and the two boys in the back playing store together!  What fun times!
Working on letters and numbers!  And playing together at the play kitchen!
This little class got a special treat this week when one of the children brought their little pet bunny to show their classmates!  Everyone enjoyed the furry visitor and were so excited to pet and hold and look at this cute bunny!  If any other students would like to bring a pet to show their class, just let me know.  I love when children have new experiences which heighten their learning experience so much!