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Treasuring moments of growth!

Guest Artist and Turkey Time!

The highlight of our week was having a guest artist come to our preschool! 

We were privileged to have Cathy Erdmann, an amazingly talented local artist, visit and teach us!  The children loved the hands-on experience of learning about sculpture. 

Cathy showed us the many steps that go into making a bronze sculpture!  It’s quite the process!
It was amazing to have such a talented artist teach us right in our preschool!
Feeling the clay Cathy uses to make her sculptures.  The kids noted that they could break it apart and squeeze it, but that it was not as easy to squish as Play-doh.
Touching and squishing the rubber mold from one of Cathy’s sculptures.
Learning about the wire frames she uses to support her clay sculptures.
Feeling how heavy a real bronze sculpture is!
What a neat experience!
Trying our hand at making our own little sculptures!  
The Pre-K classes made little turkeys and the 3-year-olds made pumpkins!  Next week, after the sculptures dry, we will paint them and bring them home! 
We learned a fun turkey song this week!
Wobble, wobble, wobble goes the turkey.
Gobble, gobble, gobble’s what he says.
Turkeys spread their feathers on Thanksgiving day,
and then they run away! : )
After learning all about real turkeys, we made the ever classic hand print turkeys!

“K” was our letter of the week!
This class had a great time putting on a little performance for their classmates!
We are excited to learn more about Thanksgiving next week! 
We’ll focus on being thankful as well as the letter “T”. 

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