Last week we learned all about friends and the letter I!
 The kids each got to dress themselves and a friend on their page for our project!  It was really sweet to hear who each of their friends were.  Many chose Mom or Dad or a sibling!  Good friends are very important!
This class has a little bee puppet friend that comes to visit sometimes!  The kids love when he comes to class!
At the end of centers, all the friends in our class clean up together.  We try to beat the “Clean-up Rabbit” that sings while we clean up!
For our snack one day, we made a “Friendship Salad”!  Each piece of fruit represented something that would help us be good friends like sharing, saying nice things, being kind, etc.

The kids really caught on to the spirit of our lesson and snack!  One little girl said, “Eating this makes me want to be nice to my friend ______.”  Your children are so sweet and are learning so much!

 The children loved getting their hand painted as part of making our Friendship Quilt!
 After the hand prints were dry, they children each got to decorate their piece of the quilt with different shapes and colors to make a collage.
 When we put them all together, it made quite a masterpiece!  Each of these children are so different, just like their quilt piece depicts!  I love each one of them!
  Whether playing inside or outside, it’s always fun to be with friends!


 “I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!”  
This was our project for our Pre-K students.  They thought this math game was a real treat to play!  : )
It reinforced one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, patterns, and comparisons.