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Fish Week!

During the month of February, we will be learning about different classifications of animals.  This first week we learned about FISH!
We learned all sorts of interesting things about fish!  And then we organized what we had learned in a bubble map.
 We read “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister together as a class and discussed how we can be happy by being a nice friend and sharing with others.  The kids absolutely loved this book! 
 Then, each child got to paint their own fish either from the story or from their own imagination.  I loved seeing the colors they mixed and the detail with which many of them painted.
We hung up our “school” of fish in our classroom after each fish got a sparkling scale just like in “The Rainbow Fish”!
 All of the kids thoroughly enjoyed our fishing games we played this week!  This game helped them patiently take turns fishing so their lines didn’t get hooked together. 
They also worked on their eye-hand-coordination! 
 This fishing game was great for practicing colors and numbers as well as practicing sharing and
taking turns!

 With this class, we used our puppets to learn which animals in the ocean are fish and which are not.

 Then, they got to “swim” around with their fish and other ocean animals!
This week we also learned about most and least and how to show those in a graph. 
We used colored goldfish crackers to make a graph and then the Pre-K students colored in their graph as they ate the crackers!  They really did a fantastic job of figuring out which color had the most and which had the least on their own graph.
The 3-year-olds also had graphs, but they worked on matching colors to fill in their individual graph.
We just focused on the idea of most with the 3-year-olds.  
Be sure to point out to your preschoolers whenever you see an opportunity to reinforce
 the concept of most around the house, at the store, or wherever you are together!
“D” was our letter this week!  There are a lot of fun things that start with “D”!
Making our “Itsy Bitsy Letter D Books”!  These kids are getting quite good at cutting!  We also practiced writing the letter and colored some “D” things in our miniature book.
We love celebrating birthdays in our class!  Happy birthday!
The children really look forward to making a special card when it’s someone’s birthday.  It is a meaningful way to get some name-writing practice in!
I love the image of these children being doctors, nurses, and patients.  Centers is a perfect time for the kids to interact with one another and be creative as they role play.
This cute little girl worked so diligently on finding all the letters in order and was so proud when she made it all the way to “z”!
Our 3-year-olds are getting really good at counting!  Each day we count our fingers two different ways to help reinforce the correct order of counting as well as one-to-one correspondence.
We had a lot of fun and learned some very interesting things this week!  Next week we will be taking a little break from our animals theme and jump wholeheartedly into Valentine’s! 
Open enrollment for next school year and summer preschool will begin this week!  Be sure to tell your friends as well!

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