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Field Trip to the Pond!

In preparation for our field trip to the pond, we talked a lot about pond animals, in particular, about mallard ducks.  We learned why the mama mallard ducks are brown and not colorful like the dads–so they can stay camouflaged when they are sitting on their eggs in the nest.  I love how much these kids love the idea of camouflage!  We learned how they tip headfirst in the water to find food in the water and that their feathers are waterproof so they can just shake off the water when they get wet.  
These happy kids obviously were thrilled to make their own mallard duck puppets this week!

Acting out the song “5 Little Ducks Went Out To Play” was enjoyed by all the kids this week!  They loved taking turns being the mama duck, the daddy duck, and the little ducks who waddled back and forth in the song!

We had such a wonderful time at the pond!  The kids were so excited to feed the ducks and were intrigued by the variety of ducks we got to see there!  They especially loved spotting the mallard ducks!

The children loved being at the pond together feeding the ducks and seeing the things we’d learned about in class!  I loved when one of the children kept saying, “I happy!”.  In her broken English, she was expressing just how happy she was to be on our field trip!
This pond had some big fish that we got to see as well as the ducks!  If you look closely, you can see the big black fish!
We were so glad the weather was nice for our field trip!  We enjoyed reading a story together at the pond about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard duck as they try to find the best place to build a nest and raise their ducklings.  The book is “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey.  It is a darling Caldecott Medal book!
Having fun playing together and climbing in the trees by the pond.

We love going on field trips!!  Thank you to all the parents who helped drive and keep a watchful eye on all the children during our field trip!  As always, it was so nice to have your help and to enjoy the field trip with you!  You are very appreciated!

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