Farm Animals!!

For our last summer camp this year we learned about farm animals!  
We learned “Little Boy Blue” this week.  We have the various parts of this rhyme printed on little cards which we put in the correct order to help us learn the rhyme.  This gave us a good opportunity to talk about first and last and what was in the middle and what would come next.  Sequencing stories and rhymes or familiar activities is important for children to learn order and figure out what comes next.  

The children also made their own little book of “Little Boy Blue.”  They cut and colored and put them in the correct order.

 We also learned the letter “F” for “Farm”!  The all did a great job writing the uppercase and lowercase letter!  These kids were so proud of themselves as they wrote these letters.  I love kids’ enthusiasm to learn and improve their abilities!

   We sang “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and enjoyed making the sounds of the many animals on the farm!  We also made a cute cow craft for one of our projects this week.  
 They had a great time pretending to be cows and chewing on the “grass” in the preschool!  I love children’s imaginations!

These cuties decided to make their cows dance to a little instrumental music as they waited for their moms to pick them up! : )
 Working together to put farm puzzles together!
 This book, “Farm Parade!” was so fun to read and pull out the long parade of farm animals together!
 Reading farm animal stories together!  I love when children develop a love for books!  Be sure to take a few minutes each day to read to your child!  They will fall in love with books and learning if  you do!
 This little class played memory match with farm animals!  Memory match is such a good game for these young children to practice remembering where things are and waiting for their turn.
These children had a great time building farm buildings and ponds and whatever else they could think of!
It’s always sad to see the fun of summer camps come to an end.  It’s hard to believe school starts in just 2 weeks!  Looking forward to another great year!