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Treasuring moments of growth!


What a special treat this March with St. Patrick’s Day and Easter back-to-back!  So much fun for preschoolers! 
We started the week by reading lots of Easter stories including many about Easter eggs.  Since we’re learning about authors during the month of March, we pointed out the author and illustrator of the stories we read so the children could continue that focus as well.  When you’re reading together at home, take a second to point out who the author and illustrator are of the books you read.

We noticed how different each egg in the stories was and then made our own colorful Easter eggs.  The Pre-K students got to draw their own individual egg shape, trace it in marker, decorate their egg, and then cut it out.  They were very proud of their eggs!  The 3’s enjoyed gluing on the colorful papers to decorate their eggs and seeing what they looked like once they were cut out!

I love the varied designs and styles that were created!

Plastic Easter eggs make for a fun matching game!  It can be a bit tricky for the kids to fit the sides together to get them to close, but they enjoyed figuring it out.

All week long the kids were excitedly anticipating our class Easter egg hunt!  We made cute little baskets to collect the treats…
and had a terrific time finding and counting all the eggs and treats!

This week we brought out the marbles for centers!  The kids always love when we get these out.  They have such a great time discovering different ways to play with them and share them with their classmates.

Legos are also a big hit at the preschool! Building with Legos has a number of benefits for preschoolers including increasing critical thinking, creativity, communication and problem solving skills.

We also learned the letter “B” this week.  We’re almost finished with all the letters!  We’ve started writing down consonant-vowel-consonant words like bat, bag, etc. on the board to encourage reading skills too.

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