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Treasuring moments of growth!

Community Week!

This week we learned that we are a part of a community!  We learned about a lot of different community helpers that we might want to be when we grow up!  The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as these helpers! 

 Doctors, nurses, and veterinarians giving pets and our assistant teacher check-ups!
 Busy farmers planting and harvesting fresh produce!
 Being community helpers was a lot of fun!
We learned about how mail carriers deliver letters and packages.  We also learned what goes on the outside of the envelope when we want to mail a letter.  It was fun to write our own letters and delivery them to someone special–just like a mail carrier!

The highlight of our week…our field trip to the police station and the post office!  It turned out to be a very hot week, but these kids were troopers and did great on our walking field trip!

Sergeant Foster taught us all about the police department and all the important things that happen there!
We were so proud of all the children–they were very quiet during our visit to the police station so the people working there could continue their important work of helping people in our community.
We had the opportunity to see the jail cells!  That was very interesting and somewhat exciting with a “magic” toilet! (No worries, parents–none of the kids wanted to be locked up in the cells!)
The kids were fascinated when we got to see inside the police vehicle!  We saw the computers and other tools the officers use as well as the “cage” in the back seat for those who have to ride in the police car!
Cover your ears!  The lights and sirens were an exciting part of our field trip!
We were very quiet as we went into the dispatch room where the 911 calls are answered.  It was really neat to see all the screens and computers in use to monitor our community and keep it safe!
Thank you to all the moms who joined us on our field trip this week!  It was wonderful to have you come with us and help us all along the way!
This little group spotted a police officer in action after we left the police station!
A big thank you to the post office for letting us see behind the scene of their job!  It was pretty cool to see what goes in to getting the mail sorted and where it needs to go!

We learned the letter “M” this week!  
 While each of our classes works on the letter of the week, on Fridays our Pre-K classes focus solely on the letter of the week.  This week we did some “M&M” math as well as gluing letter M’s on a big M.
We also enjoyed acting out the story of “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!”
We had a great week!  Next week we’ll be starting a new monthly theme of “Fall”!  Hopefully the weather will cooperate with our theme! : )

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