As part of cloud week, we read different books about how clouds are always changing shape.  One of the books we read was “It Looked Like Spilt Milk.”  Each page in this book has a white shape that looks like something familiar.  At the end of the book, the kids see that all the shapes were actually clouds in the sky! 
Image result for it looked like spilt milk
After reading this book, the kids got to paint their own white shape on half of a paper and then fold it in half, rub it, and open it up to see what their “cloud” image looked like.  We had everything from angels to Olaf to cookies!  This was a great creative science project!

We learned that clouds are always moving and changing shape.  We talked about how the wind moves the clouds and then we got to try it out!  This “cloud race” was a hit! 

We also enjoyed a visit from Mother Goose!  We always have a wonderful time with Mother Goose and Goosey!  We love when she sings, plays ring-around-the-rosies, and reads stories!

“R” was our letter for the week.  We worked on rhyming words with the older kids.  We played lots of different games with our rhyming cards!  Rhyming can be a tricky concept for some children.  Exposure to rhymes is important to help children be able to hear the rhyming words and catch on to how to make a rhyme.  Be sure to point out rhymes in stories, poems, and songs!

This is a great picture during centers.  I love seeing what children come up with as they play and explore!